Cashmere Poncho - Black



Designer Cashmere at wholesale prices ...

100% Cashmere


Our poncho is the most versatile item! Not only is it incredibly soft with 100% luxuriously cashmere and light-weight. But you can turn it also into a jumper by twisting the poncho around so the seam is as the front and also a scarf by bringing all the fabric to the front. I always have this poncho in either my handbag (it compacts to the same size as a scarf) or the car because it is the perfect layer for when the weather changes and if you live in Tassie, you know that we can get four seasons in one day! The poncho is a simple staple layer, so it goes great over anything and everything! On those really cold days when you need a coat, wear your poncho as a scarf and then when you get to your location you can take off your coat and wear your poncho.

This style is our most popular item by far because it is so versatile, perfect for a busy life and/or for just wanting to go and do the shopping. We have also had an overwhelming response with people travelling! Because its light, compacts easily and its warm!

I could not recommend this product more - it’s a wardrobe essential! 


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