Petra Candle




Composed in the traditional Oriental style, Petra is an alluring encapsulating blend reminiscent of the romantic lost city of Petra, Jordan.

Base: Sweet Vanilla, Fresh Patchouli

Middle: Tobacco Flower, Tonka Bean, Red Apple, Dark Chocolate

Top: Black Pepper, Sweet Fig


Available in two sizes:

MEDIUM: $29.00

The medium size is a great way to experience Journey Fragrances at a fantastic price. Offering the great combination of subtle sizing plus a good burn time, their medium size is ideal if your considering purchasing more than one of the same fragrance for a larger living area.

Size: 87mm x 74mm Round

Burn Time: Approx 33hrs

LARGE: $49.00

The Large size candle is easily our most popular and it’s easy to see why. Set in a large, study glass tumbler, our large offers a generous burn time and excellent fragrance throw. Ideal for a Bedroom or Study.

Size: 100mm x 85mm Round

Burn Time: Approx 48hrs



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